Top 6 Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

Another important reason to love a pet is that your pet is also beneficial for your health. Pet owners know well how important the contribution of their furry friend in improving their lives. We discussed with many pet owners to analyze the fact, almost all the pet owners said that their pets have proved to be beneficial for both physical and mental health.


1. Decreases stress level

In 2002, a study was conducted at the University of New York in which those people were included who were suffering from high stress. During the study, it was found that those who had pets their stress level were significantly lower than those who had family members or friends.

Also, David Sack CEO of Promises Treatment Centers says that his treatment center which works for addiction recovery, recommends patients to spend more time with pets.

Not only this, they also include pets in rehabilitation facilities because pets work as a therapy to overcome obstacles. According to a Swedish study, if female volunteers have pets, then this proves to be very beneficial in reducing the levels of stress hormone cortisol. A good news for dog owners is that dogs help to reduce the levels of stress and increase the levels of the happy hormone oxytocin.

2. Pets ease your pain

You may not believe this, but it is true that pets can be the best medicine for you. According to Dr. Becker, if a person is facing chronic pain such asmigraine or arthritis, pets make significant contributions in getting rid of such problems. Also, it is very helpful in reducing anxiety.

According to a study of the University of Loyola, those who spend more time with pets, they need less pain medication certainly in the comparison of others. For example, it is necessary to take a dog on the walk, regular walking is helpful in reducing chronic pain. As a result, if the dog owner spends 15-20 minutes with the dog, he does not have to take pain medication and he will feel mentally refresh.

3. Improves mood

Stressful life affects humans mentally but having a pet can be helpful to get rid of mental problems. According to experts, having a pet does not only provide mental benefits but emotional benefits too because they will be happier and less worried because of spending time with their pet. When you come home after getting tired from work, there is only your pet that makes you feel relaxed.

As a result, pets are used in a variety of therapies that prove to be really beneficial for health. Katy Nelson who is an associate emergency veterinarian at the VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital in Alexandria says that the soldiers who are suffering from stress disorder at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, dogs are usually used to get rid of this problem. Your pet's lovely activities make important contributions to remove stress disorders, as a result, it improves your mood certainly.

4. Prevents Allergies and Improves Immunity

Perhaps you find it a little strange that having a pet is very helpful in preventing allergies and improving the immune system. usually, people's perception is that getting in touch with a pet can be allergic but this is not true. This was revealed by James E. Gern who is a pediatrician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


According to him, if your child plays with a pet, it can reduce the probability of 33% of allergies in children because it is very helpful to make the immune system strong to fight off infection at an early age. Experts declared the fact after a lot of research on it that children-pet early bonding plays an important role in strengthening the immune system of children. But on the other side, it is not so beneficial for adults and especially not for those who are already suffering from the allergic problem.

5. Provides a healthy heart

If you are suffering from any type of health problem, your pet can be important to provide relief from health problems. In
fact your pet plays an important role in improving overall health. When it comes to heart-related disease, it contributes significantly in providing a healthy heart which was revealed after a number of studies. A study was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) on those who have pets.

The level of the blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride of the pet owners was found balanced in the comparison of those who does not have pets. It means that pet owners have fewer chances of having the heart-related disease. Also, rabbit, dog, and cat can be helpful in the recovery of a heart attack. Another good news is that if you are already suffering from such a problem then spending time with your pet can work as a therapy for you.

6. Provides longevity

It is normal that if you will be less ill then you can live a long life in which your pet plays an important role. As you know, exercise is extremely important for getting a healthy body. Our daily life is so busy because of which we can not exercise regularly. But if you have a pet, he requires exercise regularly that will definitely encourage you to exercise. As a result, along with your pet, you will be able to live a longer life.

If you are dog owner, you have to take your dog for walking that too 2-3 times in a day that will be very helpful in reducing the obesity. Another good news is that regular walking helps in increasing the level of serotonin and dopamine. Because of increasing dopamine, you will feel stress free and it will improve mental health. All these things prove that owning a pet is very helpful in providing longevity.

After reading this article, you should not have any doubt about why having a pet is considered good for your health. Still, if you think that we should have add more content in this article, you can give us your suggestions in the comment section.


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