Top 6 Foods and Drinks For Better Dental Health

Simple Way to improve the health of the teeth by eating right

Keeping the check on the diet is a very good start to maintaining the health of your mouth. It is not necessary that you completely stop eating the things that you like with the fear of it damaging the teeth, but it is nice to control the eating habit. Eat less of the junk food and add more healthy fruits and vegetables if you are actually serious about the health of your teeth.

Here are some food items that you can add to your diet for improving your dental health:

1. Apples and Carrots

Apples and carrots are believed to be the best food items when it comes to the teeth. They are gladly famous as the dental detergents. Eating such crunchy fruits and vegetables is good for the mouth. They help in increasing the flow of the saliva that cleanses the mouth and keeps it fresh. Only thing you must keep in mind while adding fruits in your diet is that you must avoid the ones are high in acid, as too much acid can be harsh on the enamel.

2. Cheese or Milk

Dairy products are a good way to provide the tooth with calcium. It makes the teeth stronger and helps them fight against the harmful bacteria. Along with that, the dairy products can help reduce the acid in the teeth which can actually tear off the enamel and cause serious problems. So, go stalk on the cheese and the milk and all the tasty delights you have been avoiding. Just make sure they are without the sugar.

3. Raw onion

People usually stay away from onion as they are afraid it will leave behind a weird smell. It is true, onions do have a strong smell but raw onion is good for our health. They have antibacterial properties and can wipe off the harmful bacteria from the mouth. They even help in fighting against the gum disease. As far the smell is concerned, you can have mint afterwards to get rid of it.

4. Garlic

Just like the onion, garlic is not preferred by people due to the strong smell it leaves behind. Garlic have antibacterial properties and when chewed, leave behind allicin which can wipe off the bacteria from the mouth. It also makes the teeth stronger against the bacteria and cleans the mouth.

5. Leafy vegetables

Like apples and carrots, leafy vegetables also help in cleaning the mouth. They are crunchy and require more time in chewing. This stimulates the formation of saliva in the mouth that acts as a guard to the teeth and helps in keeping the mouth clean.

6. Water

Wash your mouth out with water after every meal. Also, try to drink lots of water. Drinking water can cleanse your teeth. Gargling your mouth often with water will help keep the mouth clean by washing away the bacteria. Along with that, water has many benefits and helps the body in many ways. You might just add more glasses of the water and get healthy.

As you try to improve your diet, it is also necessary to get yourself checked by the dentist frequently. Visit the nearest best dental hospital and get a proper dental checkup before it gets too late.

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