Product Review: Indus Valley 100 Percent Natural Activated Charcoal Powder

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Today I am going to review Indus Valley 100 Percent Natural Activated Charcoal Powder. It is a product by Indus Valley Company.

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About the Product-

Indus Valley 100 Percent Natural Activated Charcoal Powder is 100% pure and chemical free product. This activated charcoal powder is made up by heating coconut shell.

Coconut shell is an excellent source of making activated charcoal powder because of its absorbent properties.

Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder-

  • Activate charcoal is good at extracting dirt, bacteria, harmful chemicals and extra oil from skin

  • An activated charcoal powder is one of the best beauty ingredients, it is good for acne treatment

  • Its bleaching effect lightens the skin  

  • An activated charcoal facemask is a great way to treat the blemishes of skin and red spots

How to Make Activated Charcoal Powder Face Mask at Home

Making an activated charcoal facemask at home is very simple and easy. You will required following ingredients to make this facemask:

  1. Indus Valley 100 Percent Natural Activated Charcoal Powder

  2. Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder  

  3. Coconut Oil

  4. Rose Water

Step-1 In a bowl take a small pinch of activated charcoal powder,

Step-2 Add 1 small tablespoon of Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder and

Step-3 Now add one small drop of coconut oil.

Step-4 Mix these ingredients well to make a loose form of paste by adding the required amount of rose water. I used Dabur Gulabari rose water.

Step-5 Apply this mask on your face gently. Keep it for 10-15 minutes until it becomes dry and then wash it off with normal water.

Note- While preparing a facemask do not add more than a pinch of activated charcoal powder. Otherwise, it will leave some black adherent in your face. If it happens with you then you can use any facewash to wash your face and it will go off immediately.

If you feel your skin is getting dry then apply moisturizer.

My Experience

I was looking for a good charcoal powder since a long time finally I found one. It is amazing and works really well for my skin.

I like this product because it is 100% natural and chemical free.

I am applying this face mask once in a week. I would recommend doing the same for you as well for better results.

The only thing I didn’t like about this activated charcoal powder is its unpleasant smell.  

Go hurry up! Shop now and try this facemask now to get the flawless and beautiful skin.

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