Infographic- Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

Many of us begin our health kicks on New Year's Day. However, this may be a mistake as you can actually incorporate healthy activities into your daily life in a way that is easier than you think. You don't have to go the gym, you don't have to diet fastidiously, you have the cutout everything you love. No, as gaming is good for you.

A lot of research has shown that playing video games is actually incredibly good for your health. For example, your cognitive health could we improve the lot if you play video games: they can increase the grey matter in certain areas of your brain (particularly those associated with tasks such as spatial awareness and planning); they can improve memory (particularly if you play 3-D platform games such as Mario); and they can also reduce perception of unpleasant sensations such as pain.

Gaming can also help nurse you back to health after you've experienced negative things in your life. For example, those who have suffered from trauma and are recovering from surgery have been shown to improve more quickly under the influence of gaming, With those who have faced traumatic events less likely to suffer flashbacks as a result of gaming. Games have also been used to treat a wide variety of medical problems such as ADHD, mental health problems, PTSD, and cognitive decline in the elderly.

Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, games can increase your cardiovascular health. This is primarily as a result of new developments in gaming such as Exergaming. This form of gaming combines playing video games and exercise, and allows you to increase your fitness whilst having fun and interacting and playing games with your friends. Think Nintendo Wii and games such as this.

As we have seen, gaming can actually be incredibly beneficial to your health and you need not wait until new years day to start your new health regime.

To find out more about the health benefits of gaming see the infographic below from our partners at Computer Planet.