How to Look Pretty, Beautiful and Gorgeous without Makeup

Makeup is an easy way to enhance features and look beautiful. But then, it’s not natural. And you know it can harm in the long run. More importantly, it does not let the real you shine through which is its biggest drawback. For that reason, health-conscious women don’t rely on it and rather look for pure ways to feel good. Plus, it’s possible to look beautiful without makeup and it does not even require a lot of toil. So, go the natural way, keep harms out of the way and look as gorgeous as you could be even without resorting to make-up.

Here are tips to look beautiful without makeup –

1. Switch to a healthy and nutritious diet

If you want to look pretty in a natural way, the easiest thing to do is to switch to a healthy and nutritious diet. Because, this will help you achieve healthy skin and improve your overall facial charms manifold. Such a diet means eating tons of fruits, green vegetables, walnuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, lentils etc. Foods that are less in sugar and high in protein can help your skin tone a lot and including them in the diet will definitely help.

2. Drink plenty of water daily

If you want to look beautiful naturally, try to keep yourself hydrated all the time. The more water you drink the better for your skin and overall facial glow. With water, not only all the systems in the body work perfectly but toxins are also flushed out making your skin look livelier. The best part, staying hydrated can keep wrinkles away and this is how your skin can forever look young and you will appear beautiful.     

3. Take adequate sleep

People who sleep adequately look fresher and livelier than those who don’t. A good sleep of 7-8 hours per night can make you look and feel good and this is when you are your best too. When the body does not proper rest, it looks exhausted and devoid of energy and when that happens, you can’t look beautiful for sure. Quality sleep can ensure a glowing complexion, keep away wrinkles and yes, won’t ever let dark circles around your eyes.  

4. Do some physical activity daily

Daily exercise not only benefits your skin but also improves your mood. And you know when the mood is better, you look cheerful which reflects in your glowing face. Any type of physical activity can do, whether running, yoga, sports, swimming etc. With regular physical activity, you can stay healthy, reduce stress, increase circulation and feel calm. All this can make you look pretty for sure.

5. Follow a skin care routine

If you want to look gorgeous without makeup, it is then essential to follow a skin care routine that suits you perfectly. To get healthy skin, do cleansing, toning and moisturizing on a regular or daily basis. You can choose right products and stick to a morning or evening routine and this will definitely help improve your skin’s glow and appearance. You can also use a hand-cream and bold lotion to keep your hands and legs glowing.  

6. Include exfoliation in your routine

If you want to look beautiful without makeup, include exfoliation in your regular skincare routine. You can use a mild exfoliator and ensure radiant skin with minimum effort. This is how you can keep away dead cells and their accumulation and avoid common skin issues like acne, pimples, oily pores etc. Twice a week exfoliation will do the needful. Once you do all this, you can definitely be ready for the next party and this is what any event management agency would want.


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