How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

Finally, after weeks of sleepless nights weighing the pros and cons, your decision are made you are finally ready to commit. You will make your marriage proposal. Now remains to find the engagement ring that will seal this event.

The engagement ring will play a very important role

If years later, I remember every detail of my husband's marriage proposal, it's because my spouse simply made this moment a memorable one. It must be said that to impress me, he did not hesitate to put the dishes in the big. First there is his choice of the ring.

Very riding traditions, for me, this jewel could only be a solitaire diamond. I must have touched him only two or three times, but he remembered it. To my great happiness besides. Subsequently, his request was made when I least expected it, in front of all our friends and relatives. Of course, everyone present was very touched by this kneeling marriage proposal. But it is the beautiful diamond engagement ring that has especially caught their attention.

For proof, after the congratulations, men and women, big or small had only one desire, it was to admire the ring. I have dedicated a few lines to this little anecdote, to simply highlight the place of the engagement ring in a marriage proposal. Finally, a newly betrothed woman will announce it to anyone who wants to hear it. Be sure she will show the jewel everywhere, especially if she has chosen the gold ring set with diamonds.

Solitaire in engagement ring

Set the characteristics of the engagement ring

As the engagement ring is the sign of your reciprocal commitments, favor the precious metal such as gold for example. Options are available to you. Opt for a yellow gold solitaire or a white gold model. Classic and timeless gold rings are often perceived as antique jewelry. However, for modern women like me, nothing beats white gold. What's more, white gold jewelry is very fashionable right now.

What precious stone will be enthroned on the ring? Regarded as the emblem of love, it is of course the diamond that tops the list. This gem is since the night of time inseparable engagement. So, to make sure that the gemstone is of superior quality, only buy diamonds of at least 0.50 carat. And the bigger the gem, the more valuable the jewel. Nevertheless, there are nowadays also engagement rings decorated with rubies, emeralds or sapphires.

Once the material and the stone of the ring are defined, the last step is the choice of its shape. Here too tradition has it that the jewel is a loner. I adhere to it completely. The most popular model is the ring with its diamond in the center, large if possible. My fiancé opted for the solitaire shouldered. Finally, I also find the solitary trilogy, with three diamonds of the same size.

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