Five Benefits of using Online Doctor Consultation

Though visiting your primary care physician will help you to maintain overall health, you can’t protect you from emergencies and accidental injuries. Whenever you get sick or injured, you will immediately need a qualified medical professional. Walk-in facilities are the first choice of patients experiencing an emergency situation. Though they offer medical care at affordable prices for all, patients often face issues like shortage of staff and fewer medical facilities within their vicinity. Besides this, limited working hours further reduce the supply of medical care professionals.

When patients don’t find a doctor, they travel to neighbouring towns to avail the best possible care and assistance on urgent basis. Reaching there is easy if they have their vehicle. Commuting via public transportation is always problematic for a sick person. Healthcare facilities are offering online video call doctor consultation via telehealth services to overcome these problems. The primary aim of incorporating IT with medical care is to improve and streamline the process of providing medical care facilities.

Here I am sharing few benefits patients can avail after using online medical care services.

No burden of visiting personally

The online consultation will free up patients and attendants from the extra load of visiting the facility to avail medical assistance. They don’t need to worry about traffic, parking and waiting for public transport. Online portals and app will allow patients to access a range of experienced medical professionals; in case no standard urgent care centre is present in their neighbourhood. They can still get the medical help.

Accurate disease diagnosis with suitable treatment

Although web and internet have become the first resource for finding information, you can’t rely on the data. When it comes to performing a self-diagnosis for a specific disease, reading medical articles is not enough. Blogs can only provide necessary information about health and disease conditions; they can’t help you to find the primary cause of making you sick. Patients may have different symptoms; only a real doctor can investigate and diagnose the disease accurately.

In contrast to that online medical consultation will give you an opportunity to speak to a real doctor and protect you from the uncertain outcomes of the wrong diagnosis. In addition to accurate diagnosis, you will also get personalised treatment for the disease using online medical care and doctor consultation apps.

Quality medical care at an affordable price

Telemedicine is not expensive and offers a cost-effective solution and facilitate more patients to obtain quality service. Most of the doctors associated with online portals accept maximum kinds of health insurance and permit patients to visit personally for free or at a discounted fee. Instead, they also offer inexpensive packages for patients who do not have health insurance. Online consultation fee is fixed for the specific time duration at least for 10 minutes, which is sufficient to discuss the minor health issue.

Convenient treatment process

Depending upon the disease a patient is suffering from, doctors can also suggest medications remotely. The prescription process is simple. Online consultant will send the prescription to pharmacist near a patient location from where they can conveniently pick up the medicines. However, doctors strictly avoid prescribing medications that require in-person examination. Antibiotics and anti-allergies are frequently prescribed to treat acute infections and allergies.

Patients should not insist their doctors to give medicines, which contain narcotics, sedative and stimulant compounds. Telehealth services are very beneficial for patients with chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes, as they need medications continuously.

Confidentiality and expertise

Confidentiality/data security and skill level of staff helping users is the primary concern of users, using an online service. It is a genuine concern for a telemedicine user. You should thank vendors for offering online medical assistance to ensure the security of their systems and infrastructure. In addition to taking care of confidentiality of patient information, online medical care facilities comply with (HIPPA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to ensure unmatched privacy and security of patient information and digitally transferred data.

Moreover, they aggressively investiate consultants about their degrees and certification to certify the skill level of consultants before hiring them. Online consultants are full-time doctors, who also practice offline.

Endnote: Online doctor consultation can’t reduce the importance of primary care physicians; instead, it works as an extension and facilitate patients to access a reliable doctor when they are not able to visit personally.


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