Benefits of Alkaline Water to the Human Body

Alkaline Water is water that’s treated to make it less acidic and enriched with alkalizing compounds. Since Alkaline Water provides a higher pH level than regular drinking water it helps neutralize acidosis and maintain pH balance that is critical to the overall health of our system.

As compared to neutral water, Alkaline Water has a pH level between 8 and 10 higher than the pH level of tap water which is generally between 6 and 7.  By adding in antioxidants, minerals and reducing the molecule size to boost hydration Alkaline Water offers a commendable option as compared to plain drinking water.

Why Alkaline Water?…because water is the major component of most body parts; cells in our bodies are also full of water. The ability of water to dissolve so many substances allows our cells to use valuable nutrients, minerals, and chemicals in biological processes.

Here’s a detailed infographic published by Singapore based AOX Water that sums up all the benefits of drinking alkaline water 


Alkaline Water for daily drinking is easily available in grocery and health food stores.  It can also be bought online or ordered from water dispenser & bottled water delivery companies.

You can also DIY and make your own Alkaline Water at home.  Adding baking soda or pH drops after determining the pH level of the drinking water you have at hand is one way.  Alternatively, adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to a glass of water can make your water more alkaline.

Drinking natural alkaline water is considered not only safe but also beneficial since it contains natural minerals. However artificially produced, ionized water which split water molecules with electricity, may likely contain fewer minerals necessary for good health than its high pH would have.

Drinking high pH water without minerals doesn’t do much to buffer the body’s acid condition.  In fact, an excess of alkalinity in the body may cause negative side effects such as lowering of natural stomach acidity, that helps kill bacteria and expel unwanted pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

The benefits of drinking Alkaline Water are numerous and has been proved with positive results. Testimonials, reviews shared by medical practitioners and end consumers clearly point out the many advantages your body can gain.

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