7 Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer Naturally

Heat, pollution and warmth of the sun can damage the natural glow of the skin during summer seasons.  In this weather pores of the skin got clogged by the sweat and dirt which makes skin rough and dull. 

In this article you will find the simple remedies to keep your skin healthy and naturally glowing during summer seasons.

1.  Exfoliate your Skin-

Exfoliate is very essential to keep your skin glowing. Exfoliate helps to remove the dead skin cells from the body. Take a body scrub and rub it gently on your whole body in a circular motion. You can make scrub easily at home. In a small bowl take 2-3 spoon of sugar(White or Brown), add 2-3 drops of essential oil and rub this in your body using scrubber. Try this two to three times a week to get beautiful and glowing skin.

2. Apply Sunscreen-

Sunscreen protect skin from harmful UV rays. It is important for you to apply sunscreen to be safe while going out. Choose the right SPF and sunscreen according to your skin type. Here is the guide to choose the right sunscreen:

3. Drink Water-

Water is the best therapy to wipe out all the toxic material from the body. You must drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily it will hydrate and detox your body. Drinking sufficient amount of water can make your skin clean & clear.

4. Less Makeup-

It's good to go with less during summer season because too much makeup can cause skin irritation and rashes. Use sweat proof makeup in summer. You should avoid eye makeup during summer season.

5. Foods for Summer Season-

Reduce the intake of salt during summer season because it can lead to dehydration. Include green vegetables and watery fruits like cucumber, watermelon, orange, lemon and sugarcane and their juices in your diet. These fruits and vegetables will not only keep your skin healthy it will also prevent you from diseases.

Avoid eating oily food at summer because it can cause pimples and acne.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake in this season because it can dehydrate the body.

6. Exercise Daily-

Regular exercise is the key for healthy and glowing skin. It will improve the dullness, acne and wrinkles of the skin. Exercising can slow down the ageing.

Exercise improves the blood circulation in the body and it removes the toxins from the body and open the clogged pores. 

7. Moisturize-

Moisturizing makes skin soft and glowing. Use good quality moisturizer according to your skin type. Apply moisturizer immediately after taking shower or washing when skin is wet.

Try out these tips keep your skin glowing in this season.