5 Maybelline Eyeshadows You Must Have In Your Eyeshadow Collections

Eyeshades are one of the most important parts of the makeup tools without which, your eyes will look all flat and boring. Even if it is a normal day makeup look, people tend to add a warm toned nude into the crease to add dimensions to the eyes. The eyes look totally colorless without the use of an eyeshade.

Many eyeshadows that have sky high costs, tend to have a poor quality and you might just regret wasting so much money at nothing. So what you see online cannot be judged. However, have these eyeshades which are a MUST have in your beauty stash by Maybelline.


Maybelline has always been famous for producing eyeshades which have gained immense attention and people have been loving the formulation and consistency of how good the eye shadows are.

Here are the 5 best Maybelline New York eye shadows which will leave you stunned at how good they are.

1.  Maybelline Expert wear Trio Eyeshadow Impeccable Greys 50:

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This kit is a perfect combination of all neutrals. The eye shadow is a trio of a warm shade for the crease which is a comfortably warm brown. The middle one is a beautiful cool tea pink shade. And the top most falls more on the whiter range yet it does contain undertones of pink.

All these eyeshadows are all day wear and are crease proof. You can create perfect every day to event looks with it. To make it even more festive, you can add hints of glitter on the top of the eye shade to glam up the look. The eye shadows have a great consistency. Apply the brown in the crease to add dimension to the eye, top the whole lid with a light pink to create a smooth canvas, and apply the gorgeous showstopper tea pink of this palette to achieve a super flawless look.


2. Maybelline Expert wear Eyeshadow Tulips in Twilight:

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A combination of 4 shades which provide you with a perfect overall look. You can use one for the crease, one for the base, one for the lid, and one to create a beautiful hint of eyeliner. The eye kit starts off by a cool grey shade. Next is a warm purple shade to create a hot purple smokey eye. The third one is a cool mint green. And the fourth one is a warm toned shocking pink. It is amazing how you can create countless looks with this palette.

Coming to the formulation, it is an eye shadow palette with every eyeshade having a very smooth texture. You do not have to spend a lot of time with blending it as it takes very less time to blend and therefore, starters can play with it easily. Even after a lot of hours, you will feel that its color does not become faint or dim up so it is amazing for a full day event.

3. Maybelline Expert wear Trio Eye Shadow Ivy league 70:

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If you are a green fan and love purchasing individual colors, like these greens, then this palette is for you for sure. This palette consists of a leafy green on one end and a mustard to balance out everything on the other. A light mint green to provide you as a base shade in the middle.

The colors sweep on smoothly and only one swipe gives you a great amount of pigmentation. once you swatch the shades on to your hands, you feel that these shades are super soft and smooth and do not make the eye texture prominent or do not slip into the fine lines of the eyes. Moreover, they are again super easy to blend. You can create the most perfect emerald eye looks with the help of this palette.

With this kit, you will not see any kind of color spread or fallout which many dark eye colors tend to give. It stays where it is supposed to stay providing you with a very decent makeup look. And yes, the kit is perfect to create smoky green eyes and for extra thrill, top the green off with silver, golden or green colored glitter to flatter everyone around you.

4. Maybelline Expert wear Quad Eye Shadow Island Shimmer 80:

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No matter what the event is or what the occasion is, these quad eyeshadows are known to provide you with the most flattering and killing eye looks which you might not be able to achieve as easily with any other eye shades.

The eye kit contains 4 eye shades in one sleek compact packaging.

The top most and the left most in the eye kit is a off white which is really very cool toned. Coming towards the right, is a peachy shade, the third one is a cool lilac shade and last but by no means least is a mint green.

These shades are literally everything. They have all the qualities that a perfect eye kit should have. The composed packaging makes the eye shadows travel friendly. From neutral to festive looks, you can create any kind of look that you require. The lilac is the prettiest that you have ever seen. With just one swipe of the brush in the pan, the high pigmentation will be noticed. It stays all day on the eyes, fresh and stern.

The eye shadows do not irritate the eyes and are suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

5. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow Electric Blue 75:

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Well, last but by no means least is this show stopper. This eyeshadow in actual terms is the mouth opener. It is basically an electric blue colored Maybelline glitter which is literally everything. Once you put your eyes on this glitter container, you would want it at every cost.

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This is a cream gel eye shadow. Perfect for creating party looks. If you want to wear electric blue on the lids for an event, go with none other than this shadow because this is like a container full of sparkles which will blind you. The gel consistency makes it easier to pack on the lid without any kind of fallouts. You can pack it on top of a matte electric blue eye shadow or dust it all over the lid to achieve a flawless, gorgeous and beautiful look.

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